Contemporary Culture and Society Seminar Series

by Heather Horst October 14, 2013 Anthropology

This week I’ll be giving a talk just down the road from me at the University of Melbourne on 16 October at 5:15pm in The Linkway, 4th Floor John Medley (Building 191). One of the first times I’ve given this paper to an anthropology audience in Australia, the talk focuses upon some of the work I’ve […]

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Music, Digitisation, Mediation

by Heather Horst September 7, 2013 Anthropology

I’m still trying to catch my breath from my summer/winter of travels, but one of the real highlights was the chance to participate in the star-studded event in Oxford in July organised by Prof. Georgina Born, the Music, Digitisation, Mediation conference. As the conference title suggests, the conference was probably one of the most interdisciplinary […]

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ARC Linkage Success!

by Heather Horst August 15, 2013 Anthropology

Wonderful news! I am very excited to announce that we received Australian Research Council Linkage Grants for our project ‘Locating the mobile: intergenerational locative media practices in Tokyo, Melbourne and Shanghai’. A partnership with Keio University, Tokyo, Fudan University and Intel Australia Pty Ltd, the project is led by my colleague Larissa Hjorth who has always […]

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CCI Winter School in Brisbane #cciws13

by Heather Horst August 15, 2013 Ethnography

It’s a little on the late side, but I wanted to highlight what a fantastic week I had with the emerging scholars and mentors at the CCI Winter School in Brisbane in June. Spearheaded by Jean Burgess, Axel Bruns, Darryl Woodfood and the rest of the CCI team, the week was cram-packed with paper jam […]

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Mobiles, mobiles and more mobiles, or what I did during the northern summer

by Heather Horst June 30, 2013 Anthropology

In my quest to avoid the Australian winter, I spent a good portion of June in the northern hemisphere. More by happy circumstance than design, I participated in two events that were focused on mobiles. The first was an invited workshop hosted by Joel Kulpers and Joshua Bell entitled “Linguistic and Material Intimacies of Mobile […]

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Call for Proposals: Circulation in Times of Crisis (AAS 2013)

by Heather Horst May 30, 2013 Anthropology

Marta Rosales and I are convening a panel entitled  “Circulation in Times of Crisis” for the Australian Anthropological Society’s Annual Conference 2013. The core focus of the panel is to explore and develop alternative conceptual frameworks for capturing the intensities, directions, compositions and intersections of different forms of movement as well as the particular relationships between […]

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Digital Ethnography on the CASTAC Blog

by Heather Horst April 29, 2013 Anthropology

I published a short blog on the CASTAC blog about the formation of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre and a recent special issue of Media International Australia with my colleagues Jo Tacchi and Larissa Hjorth. The CASTAC blog is the brainchild of editors Patricia G. Lange (one of my colleagues on the Digital Youth project), Jordan […]

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Digital Ethnography Research Centre Launched!

by Heather Horst March 10, 2013 Ethnography

I am very excited to announce that the Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) is now official! Larissa Hjorth and I co-direct the Centre which was formed within the School of Media and Communication at RMIT as a way to both consolidate and grow our research strengths in ethnography, especially ethnographic approaches to understanding digital media […]

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Mobile Africa Revisited Conference and Keynote

by Heather Horst February 20, 2013 Anthropology

Last week I had the privilege of giving a keynote for the Mobile Africa Revisited project at the African Studies Centre, University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The culmination of a four year study by Mirjam de Bruijn, Inge Brinkman and Francis Nyamnjoh, the conference theme was focused upon “Control and navigation: People searching to […]

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Mobile Media and Communication

by Heather Horst February 1, 2013 Publications

I am very pleased to announce that I am on the editorial board of a brand new journal, Mobile Media & Communication. Edited by Steve Jones, Veronika Karnowski, Richard Ling, and Thilo von Pape, the journal is focused upon the international and interdisciplinary nature of the growing field of mobile media and communication through qualitative […]

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